What do Catholics believe?

Catholics believe that God the Creator revealed Himself fully to us in Jesus Christ, and that He calls us into a radical and personal communion with Him and with each other in the Church.  This communion is the means by which we come to know Him, by which we understand His creation and our dignity as human beings, and ultimately find salvation and eternal happiness.

The Catholic family comprises more than 1.2 billion people around the world, who find meaning, solace and God’s grace through their Catholic faith, and you can be one of them!

The Church established the “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” (RCIA) as the means by which adults become members of the Catholic Church within the local parish community.

Who is the RCIA for?

  • Those who are drawn to Christianity but do not come from a Christian or religious background.
  • Other baptised Christians seeking to become full members of the Catholic Church.
  • Catholics who were baptised but did not receive catechetical formation or instruction, and who typically did not celebrate the sacraments of Confirmation or Eucharist.

The RCIA group includes people from a wide range of different backgrounds and with different experiences in life, but who share a desire to find God through Catholic faith, so you will not be alone.

If you are a practising, adult Catholic but for whatever reason you are not Confirmed, please see the information on Adult Confirmation.


What will I get from the RCIA?

Our relationship with God is as unique as we are as individuals, and so our journeys in faith are personal and different.  Yet we all need the support of each other, the local parish community and the whole Church for that faith to grow and flourish.

The RCIA provides the context for that journey in faith.  The group meets regularly to grow in an understanding of Catholic Faith and in personal relationship with Christ and his Church. Starting on the RCIA journey, you make a commitment only to come to the meetings and listen.

You are free to ask as many questions and make whatever contributions to discussion you wish.  You are also free to withdraw at any time.  The decision to finally become a Catholic is a personal one made after much prayer and preparation, and with the support and guidance of the Church.

The priests from our parish are always available to meet with you privately to discuss faith and your relationship with Christ. For more information, please leave your details at reception during office hours or speak to one of the priests.