Information about Confirmation for:

About the Programme

Applications are now being invited for the programme beginning this Autumn from those who will be in Year 9 and above. The form is available with a covering letter from Reception. The closing date for applications is 31st July, but please submit your application as soon as possible as there is a lot of organization involved before the programme begins. All adults who are helping with the programme require a DBS check, carried out by the Parish Safeguarding Representative. If you have any queries, please contact Sybil Lee, the Catechetical Coordinator.

The Confirmation programme is advertised between April and June each year. Young people and their parents are invited to an open meeting for an overview of the programme. Application forms are available at this meeting. If you have missed the open meeting, please contact Sybil Lee, Catechetical Coordinator, for information and an application form. Sessions are over 15 weeks and begin in October, with 8 sessions before Christmas and 7 sessions after Christmas. An integral part of the programme is a one-day retreat.

The Bishop usually comes to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in May or June.

  • Young people in year 9 at secondary school and older are invited to apply for the Sacrament.
  • There is a choice of classes on Monday or Wednesday evenings from 7-8.30pm. There is also a limited group that meet on Saturday mornings from 11am-12.30pm.
  • For older young people, please contact Sybil sybillee [at] rcdow [dot] org [dot] uk
  • If you have missed the application period, please contact Sybil as soon as possible. You may have to wait for the following year’s programme if your application is too late

Confirmation for Adults

The adult Confirmation group is advertised in the parish from Easter, but you are welcome to leave your details at reception at any time.

Once a year the parish runs a six-week preparation for adult Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, usually beginning in April.

This group is for practicing, adult Catholics who, for whatever reason, are not Confirmed. If you are a Catholic coming back to faith after a long time, then it may be more appropriate to join the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Please contact any of the priests of the parish. They will be happy to meet with you.