Every human being has a value which we acknowledge as coming directly from God’s creation of male and female in his own image and likeness. We believe therefore that all people should be valued, supported and protected from harm. We recognise the personal dignity and rights of vulnerable people towards whom the Church has a special responsibility.

Our parish strives to maintain a safe environment for all, by practising fully and positively Christ’s Ministry towards children, young people and adults and responding sensitively and compassionately to their needs in order to help keep them safe from harm.

If you have any questions about Safeguarding or are concerned about a child or adult at risk please contact one of our Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Mrs Deborah Thompson: enfieldsg [at] safeguardrcdow [dot] org [dot] uk or Mrs Samanthta Seth: enfieldsg2 [at] safeguardrcdow [dot] org [dot] uk

If you believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at immediate risk of harm please contact the police at 999.

The national safeguarding policies and procedures of the Catholic Church in England and Wales,  which apply to all Parishes within the Diocese of Westminster, can be found in the following document issued by  Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) http://www.csas.uk.net/