The programme for 2020-21 is different this year. Please keep up to date by reading the newsletter and/or contacting enfieldcat [at] rcdow [dot] org [dot] uk The details below refer to a normal year and information on 2021-22 will be published in due course.

These classes are designed to introduce children to faith in Jesus Christ, and to help them to participate more fully in the life of the Church.

They are for:

  • Children in year 2 and above who do not attend a Catholic school and are not sufficiently prepared to join the First Communion Programme.
  • Older children preparing for the Sacrament of Baptism.

Classes run from 6-7pm on Friday evenings in the Challoner Room (entrance via the Presbytery).

Application forms are available from Reception during office hours.

Catechists for Friday Classes: if you love your faith and want to pass it on to future generations, please do consider becoming a catechist. Training and support are provided.